Moving on from curatedby

To provide a better service, we’ve decided to merge with – a new, smarter art service that works beautifully on mobile and desktop.

Where can I find my art and exhibitions?

If you have art or exhibitions on a curatedby account, the easiest way to access, modify and share all of that content is to log in to Your art and exhibitions will already be there.

What about embedded exhibitions?

All embedded exhibitions are still available, but please check after October the 27th if everything is still working.

Can I still use it for free?

Yes! Although the KUNSTMATRIX “Starter” account is not quite the same as on curatedby it allows you to use much more features. Please see

All currently public accounts at curatedby will be get a free "Basic"-Account for 6 months at KUNSTMATRIX.

If you'd like to keep your "Basic"-Account after that or upgrade to "Professional" or "Premium", we offer all curatedby artists 25% discount for a year. Please see:

Why the move?

Mainly for organizational and technical reasons.

Many curatedby users wanted more space, more features and a more professional service. We are happy to provide all of this and we can do this on KUNSTMATRIX with paid accounts.


The move from Flash to WebGL allows us to bring high-quality 3d to all devices – including the iPad. But it makes development quite a bit more difficult. We have to adapt to the browsers 3d capabilities – or compensate for the lack of browser 3d features.

What if I have a question?

Please write us a message, we really like to hear from you!

Moving forward

We apologize for any inconvenience this transition causes, but we want to assure you that we’re doing this with the aim of providing the best 3d exhibitions possible. KUNSTMATRIX is a more professional and smarter product that offers a better platform for us to build amazing experiences and features for you in the future.

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